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When it comes to storage tank systems, our expertise in installation, service and repair ensures that our customers always get what they need. If you need a water storage tank system, once we're on the job we can provide fast and effective service that can have you up and running in as little as a day. Combined with around the clock emergency service and you can be sure that California Pump and Production is the go-to source for repair, service, and installation for water storage tank systems.

The difference between a water storage tank and a water pressure tank is in how the water is stored. Almost every home with a well has a water pressure tank, but not every home has a water storage system. The typical water storage tank can be either above or below ground and stores 500 to 10,000 gallons of water. The average pressure tank holds around 22 gallons of water. The capacity of a storage tank system results in the pump cycling drastically less than with a pressure tank system – resulting in greater efficiency, longer pump life, and much more.

Because of the sheer capacity of a water storage tank, you can count on your well pump not having to run as often. Starting and stopping can be very strenuous on a pump, and reducing the amount of times it starts is crucial. With a water storage tank system, the pump will only start once the water is fallen below a certain level – a level that won't be reached after a significant amount of water has been used. Our systems come with an emergency by-pass switch that allows notification to the owner that the water level in the storage tank is at a critical level. In the case with the average 2500 gallon water storage tank, once the by-pass is energized the customer will have approximately 800 gallons of water remaining for use. This will allow sufficient time to diagnose and repair if needed any problem as to why the tank is not maintaining it's full capacity.

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