Certified Water Well Production Test and Report

California Pump and Production agrees to conduct a water well production test as per the California State Department of Licensing, the California Department of Water Resources and the county where the water well is located.

The production test is for the purpose of providing information for the CUSTOMER of the pump/well flow rates and is subject to UNCONDITIONAL RELEASE AND LIMITATION OF LIABILITY BELOW. The well production report and well production test are performed for the sole, confidential and exclusive use of the CUSTOMER. The well production report is certified for use in obtaining building permits.

This report and well production do not address and are not intended to address the possible presence of or danger from any potentially harmful substances and environmental hazards including but not limited to radon gas, asbestos, lead paint, mold, urea formaldehyde, flammable or toxic chemicals and water and airborne hazards. Water treatment systems may be inspected at the customer’s request but are not part of the standard inspection and report but will be covered under these terms and conditions.




It is understood that California Pump and Production is not an insurer and that the well production and report are not intended or to be construed as an express or implied guarantee or warranty of adequacy, performance, or condition of the well or its components, items or system other than at the time and date of the actual test at the inspection property address. The CUSTOMER hereby releases and exempts California Pump and Production, its agents and employees of and from all claims of responsibility and liability for the cost of repairing or replacing any unreported deficiency or defect and for any consequential harm, property damage, personal injury of any nature, and/or legal fees. In the event that California Pump and Production and/or its agents or employees are found liable due to breach of contract, negligence, breach of warranty, negligent, or misrepresentation, then the liability of California Pump and Production, its agents and/or employees shall be limited to the amount of the fee paid by the CUSTOMER for the inspection and report.​ CUSTOMER releases all responsibilities of California Pump and Production if any damages to pump or pump system should occur during or after the production test.